University Program Picker

This is a static Angular app that uses Material components.

It grabs details from a list of scrapped University Programs to display Card-Like objects. These Card-Like objects can be manipulated through Drag-And-Drop, changing the order and list they exist within.


You can…

App can be found hosted here

How to add your additions

“course-req”: [“Any High School Requirements”, “In List”]} ```

  1. Put it into a list and save as a JSON file.
  2. Replace ./assets/listing.json

Because of the flexible nature of Angular’s template system. To change the displayed requirements and add your own information to each card, you can edit the template for one and then copy and paste replace it for the rest! Just follow the accessing structure of a dictionary and you’ll be fine, provided that the information is contained within the program’s dictionary details.

Download compiled version.